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Research at The Perse School

As part of a commitment to continuing professional development, teachers at The Perse School are encouraged to undertake research projects developing their academic and pedagogical expertise. There are a number of frameworks within school which provide opportunities for research.

All new staff undertake an action research project in their first five terms in school. Typically, action research is undertaken in a school setting. It is a reflective process that allows for inquiry and discussion as components of the “research.” Often, action research is undertaken by colleagues searching for solutions to everyday, real problems experienced in schools, or looking for ways to improve teaching and increase student achievement. Rather than dealing with the theoretical, action research allows teachers to address those concerns that are closest to them, ones over which they can exhibit some influence and change.

Any member of staff who wishes to investigate a research question which will benefit the school and its pupils, in a more sustained way may apply for one of the annual research awards. Research can be academic, pastoral, curricular, extra- curricular or pedagogic in nature but there must be a clear pupil benefit. Research will be published on the school’s website and will be disseminated at school level and through local research networks run by CamSTAR at the Education Faculty, Cambridge University.

Staff wishing to apply for threshold three of the salary scheme will need to submit a research report of 3,000 words which evaluates innovative educational practices and draws on research outcomes and other sources of external evidence to inform their own practice and that of their colleagues.


Research Awards 2015

Mrs Elizabeth Gladwell

How can the iPad be used as a fieldwork tool for data collection?

Dr Mike Goodson

Can avoiding the use of terminology such as potential difference, current and resistance improve year 12 students’ understanding of these concepts?

Mr Peter Hicks

How can in depth geographical discussion be generated in the geography classroom in order to foster evaluative thinking?

Miss Abigail Lucas

Do year 9 benefit from homework support?

Mr James Rhatigan

To what extent do NFER scores correlate with the performance at the end of year 7 exams at the Upper?

Miss Tiggy Tooze

How can marking at KS 3 level be made more interactive and more effective for students?

Perse Research takes place at The Perse School, Cambridge.

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