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perse-groundsAction Research at The Perse School

As part of The Perse School’s commitment to the role of research in enabling teachers to be effective practitioners, we ask all new staff to undertake an action research project in their first year at the school. The research focus will originate in their day to day teaching lives and is intended to have a direct impact on their own work and that of their department.

A departmental INSET meeting will be a natural point of dissemination but more extended projects can be shared at the local CamSTAR research conferences, held in July and October.

Research Awards 2014

Clements Louisa bg
Mrs Louisa Clements

Consider the impact of introducing fine motor skills training into the nursery curriculum

Clements Louisa bg
Mrs Tara Watts

How can the use of a Wacom device to “flip the classroom” help support differentiation in a year 7 mixed ability Mathematics class?

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Dr Mike Goodson

Can avoiding the use of terminology such as potential difference, current and resistance improve year 12 students’ understanding of these concepts?

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Dr Stephen Nolan

What effect does Science Club have on pupil attitudes, engagement and attainment in science subjects?

Clements Louisa bg
Dr Eliza McIntosh

Can extension work and methods usually aimed at a small proportion of high ability students be used to motivate mixed ability classes studying A2 level physics?

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Miss Emily Nesbitt

How is literacy in Science perceived by a year 9 Chemistry class?

Perse Research takes place at The Perse School, Cambridge.

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