Enhancing Clinical Practice for Counselling Young People and Adolescence

Although much has been written on counselling young people and adolescence, little work has been done on the supervision of such work, and the impact of supervision on the counsellor or client.

My project has been to collate interviews and experiences from a variety of sources, and to reflect on my own clinical practice. This should provide enough material to create an edition of Supervision Review [the in house journal for supervisors of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapists and counsellors.]. For examples of the Review journal which is published in paper and online see http://www.supervision.org.uk/BAPPS_SReview/SR10_winter.pdf

One of the difficulties in researching this is that several therapists are rather sheepish about talking about their work and practice. Sometimes this is easily explained through maintaining client confidentiality, at other times it is over the dynamics of the work and the difference there often is in working with this age group. Pleasingly this has recently been explored in the popular American television series ‘In Treatment’ which explores different clients and what is sparked in the therapist in his encounter with them. This award winning series has encouraged a more open debate in the profession over what really ‘happens in the room’ and the power of transference and counter-transference as they are known technically.

I have been fortunate to have inspected several trainings for therapists and counsellors working specifically in schools and other educational settings. Through using these encounters, I intend to try and create a more open and honest conversation about the role and place of counselling with young people, and how good clinical supervision can help create, maintain and uphold professional standards.

I have been asked to edit the spring edition 2012 of the Supervision Review journal using my research material.

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