Art Research Projects

Two research projects have recently been completed in Art.  Mrs Mandy Wilkins’s project, “Does the use of visual aids improve peer assessments?”, combined newly installed classroom technology (a visualiser) with a new peer assessment initiative.  This helped to improve students’ understanding of techniques and their use of terminology in class discussions.  Mrs Julie Griffiths examined the teaching of painting in the lower school (years 7 and 8) by comparing controlled mark making and experimental techniques.  As well as observing a difference in the quality of outcome, the way in which pupils engaged with technique (moving beyond ‘colouring in’) differed between the two groups.  You can read more of Mandy and Julie’s research here:


Mandy Wilkins – “Does the use of Visual Aids Improve Peer Assessments?” Completed Project (PDF)


Mrs Julie Griffiths – “Which is the most successful way to teach year 8 painting: through controlled mark making exercises or teaching experimental techniques approach?” Completed Project (PDF)

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