The Ethics of Care

Teachers at The Perse are engaged with the latest developments in their fields and some even publish their own research.  Teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Dr Roxanna Lynch was recently published in Peeters’ Ethics of Care series.  She explains her work in more detail below.  More information on Dr Lynch’s research and her book can be found here.

“This book articulates and defends an original account of the concept of care. The definition of care that is put forward describes acts of care as those which successfully promote some or all of the conditions necessary for another’s flourishing, for that other’s own sake. Having put forward an account of care, the book moves on to explore other questions relating to the practice of care, focusing particularly on the issues of paternalism and partialism.

In formulating a definition of care, the book draws on work from various philosophical traditions including the Ethics of Care, neo-Aristotelianism and Practice Theory”.

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