Lesson Study


Alongside individual staff projects, each year we organise a large project across the Upper School.  These projects represent a smaller time commitment for staff and allow a greater number of colleagues to participate in the research programme.  Collectively, we are able to gather valuable information from across subjects and year groups.

This year, we are piloting a technique called Lesson Study and we will be sharing our progress on the blog as the project progresses.  Why not watch this video to learn more.

Lesson Study involves teams of three teachers working together to plan, deliver, and evaluate a lesson. Throughout the process they focus on one aspect of teaching and learning.

Each lesson study requires a time commitment of just three periods: one to plan the lesson, the lesson itself, and the subsequent discussion and evaluation.

The observations made during the lesson focus on the pupils’ learning rather than the teacher’s delivery. Often two pupils are picked beforehand to be observed throughout the lesson.

You need only be observed by colleagues you choose and there is no need to produce a formal report. The only commitment is to complete one cycle of three lessons before the end of term.

The joy of lesson study is its simplicity. You choose who to work with, what to study and how to share it. What’s more, you’ll be contributing to a project that benefits the whole school.

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