Raising Awareness of STEM for Women

Sam Patterson joined the Physics department at The Perse Upper School in 2020 after moving into education from a career in engineering. Sam is passionate about raising awareness of STEM, particularly for women in science and engineering, and has focussed her research on the reasons why girls are underrepresented in A-level physics and whether any role models they might have affect their perceptions of the subject.

“I have witnessed the importance of representation in STEM and the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring, particularly in my previous work in medical device design where a variety of perspectives is crucial when creating solutions that need to work for a wide patient demographic. There is still a wide gender gap in the study of STEM subjects and in careers in STEM and I wanted to understand what was driving girls’ A-level choices. In particular I was interested in why girls were less likely to continue with physics than boys, despite achievement at GCSE showing that they were equally as capable”

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