The school has a commitment  to research as an intrinsic part of the  learning community across all three schools. Staff can be rewarded for an action research project with the £500 research grant and are required to give evidence of a research profile to go through threshold three of the Perse Pay Scale.

As members of the Cam STAR network we aim to support colleagues in their research work and to disseminate locally and nationally through INSET events, conferences and published papers.

Entry Level Research

An entry level research proposal could incorporate an interesting action research project. Typically, action research is undertaken in a school setting. It is a reflective process that allows for inquiry and discussion as components of the “research.” Often, action research is undertaken by colleagues searching for solutions to everyday, real problems experienced in schools, or looking for ways to improve teaching and increase student achievement. Rather than dealing with the theoretical, action research allows teachers to address those concerns that are closest to them, ones over which they can exhibit some influence and change.

Teachers could join the school research group and/or departmental focus group designed to further interest and outcome of their teaching role. The research could be published through departments/school Inset.

Higher Level Research

camstarA higher level research proposal could utilise the University of Cambridge CamSTAR (Cambridge School Teachers and Research) group which provides an alternative research framework. The Perse School is delighted to announce that we are joining the CamSTAR network with Deborah Vernon-Purvis acting as Research Co-ordinator alongside Sue Brindley – Senior Lecturer in Education and Anne Bowker – Research and Teaching Associate at The University of Cambridge. CamSTAR is a non-hierarchical, collaborative research group. Since its inception in 2001, CamSTAR has grown to a network of seventeen secondary and primary schools, with over two hundred teachers involved in researching practice across the schools each year.

Participation in Research

Students from the Prep and the Upper participated in a study on Social Trust, analysing classroom dynamics with Keri Wong a Phd candidate from  the Centre for Family Research in the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology,  University of Cambridge.

Emer Cullen and Deborah Vernon Purvis from the Perse Upper contributed  towards  a research project funded by the British Academy on the teaching of poetry, by Debbie Pullinger and David Whitely from The Faculty of Education.