Mrs Louisa Clementscomplete

“Consider the impact of introducing fine motor skills training into the nursery curriculum”

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Dr Stephen Nolan

complete“What effect does Science Club have on pupil attitudes, engagement and attainment?”

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Dr Eliza McIntosh

complete“Can extension work and methods usually aimed at a small proportion of high ability students be used to motivate mixed ability classes studying A2 level Physics?”

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Mrs Tara Watts

complete“How can the use of a Wacom device to “flip the classroom” help support differentiation in a year 7 mixed ability Mathematics class?”

Miss Emily Nesbitt

complete“How is literacy in Science perceived by a year 9 Chemistry class?”

Dr Holly Hedgeland

complete“What characterises a good extension activity for a high-ability year 9 Mathematics set?”

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Mr Matthew Fox

complete“The changing architecture of the Geography classroom; student perception on the effects of layout on learning.”

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Mrs Sarah Owen & Dr. Greg Davies

complete“Why is there greater participation of males in Mathematics courses, and why does this become more pronounced as you progress through the levels?”

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Mr Guy Couper-Marsh

complete“How effective are departmental study resources used by AS and A2 pupils?”

Ms Alice Pinches

complete“Which textbook best meets the needs of a group of year 11 students?”