Practitioner Research is members of staff researching their own practices in a work based context. Generally this would be in their professional field outside of the school context.

Current Practitioner Research Projects:

Rebecca Mitchell – Folk Linguistics; Examining Speakers’ Own Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Language Use;

“Central Africa is an region of tremendous linguistic diversity, with some 280 local languages in Cameroon alone. It is also a region where the former colonial languages are now the mother tongues of growing numbers of urban speakers, and the local languages are undergoing progressive attrition. In Gabon, I found that speaker attitudes ranged from overt hostility towards French, to a belief that westernisation through language choice is a desirable stage of personal development. My current research in Cameroon aims to identify parallels with the situation I have noted in Gabon and assess the degree to which the local languages form part of a speaker’s identity.”

Richard Morgan – The Importance of Promoting Digital Literacy Among Beginning Teachers of Classics;

“In an age where we are surrounded by more and more digital media all the time, it is very easy to assume that those entering the teaching profession will be literate in the use of such media, along with the hardware and software that is necessary to access and employ it.”

View Richards full published article in The Journal of Classics Teaching (No 28, Autumn 2013).

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