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Research at The Perse School

The Perse is a co-educational day school providing a high quality academic education with an emphasis on all round development. We educate girls and boys aged 3-18 on three separate sites; The Nursery and Pre-Prep, The Prep and The Upper.  The Perse is frequently listed as one of the top performing co-educational schools in the UK.

As part of a commitment to continuing professional development, teachers at The Perse School are encouraged to undertake research projects developing their academic and pedagogical expertise.

The Perse is a member of the CamSTAR network: a nationwide network of over 100 schools that share and collaborate on research across primary and secondary education.  Staff regularly submit articles based on their classroom research for certification and publication in the group’s research journal.

There are a number of frameworks within school which provide opportunities for research.

Induction Research

All new staff undertake a research project in their first year in school.  Typically, this will be a classroom-based action research project.  It is a reflective process that allows for inquiry and discussion as components of the project.  Often, action research is undertaken by colleagues searching for solutions to everyday, real problems experienced in schools, or looking for ways to improve teaching and increase student achievement.

Annual Research Awards

Any member of staff who wishes to investigate a research question that will benefit the school and its pupils, in a more sustained way, may apply for one of the annual research awards.  Research can be academic, pastoral, curricular, extra- curricular or pedagogic in nature but there must be a clear pupil benefit.  This research will be published on the school’s website and will be disseminated at a school level and more broadly through CamSTAR.

MEd Research

Staff studying for an MEd are usually required to undertake an independent research project during the second year of their course.  The school may provide financial support or timetable remission to those staff undertaking these qualifications.

Threshold Research

Staff wishing to apply for threshold three of the salary scheme will need to submit a research report of 3,000 words which evaluates innovative educational practices and draws on research outcomes and other sources of external evidence to inform their own practice and that of their colleagues.

Research at The Perse School is overseen by Deborah Vernon Purvis, Director of Teaching, and Stephen Nolan, Research Co-ordinator.


Perse Research takes place at The Perse School, Cambridge.

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