Engaging Year 8 Boys in Dance

Staff Harker LLaura Harker joined the Games staff at The Perse Upper School in 2016.  As part of her work on the school’s PE programme, she has promoted different types of sport and physical activity in lessons.  Her work on promoting engagement in dance among year 8 boys forms her induction research project.

“As part of the PE curriculum, pupils take part in a range of different activities aimed at covering the six areas of the National Curriculum.  Dance is an activity which can be taught in order to cover the exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions strand of the curriculum.  However, there is a perception that dance is primarily an activity pursued by girls and young women.  This stigma surrounding dance can be detrimental to the participation of boys.  My research aims to learn more about the attitude of boys towards dance and to trial different teaching strategies to engage boys to a greater degree in dance.”


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