Challenging the Gender Gap in Design and Technology

West, AnnaAnna Wingfield joined The Perse in 2015 as Teacher of Design and Technology.  Anna is a passionate advocate for women in technology and focused her research on the gender balance of Design Technology classes at GCSE.  Anna completed her research as part of the school’s teaching staff induction programme.  She has since presented her findings at a staff Research Twilight event.

“I feel very strongly that Design Technology plays an important role in the development of creativity, curiosity about how things work and the ability and confidence to make and change products, not only during a student’s school career but in their later life.  This mind set is something I have been brought up with and the fact that I am female made no difference to the expectation that I would try to develop those practical skills.  There is still a significant gender gap in Design Technology, in schools and universities, and I wanted to find out why that might be the case and what, if any, reasonable changes we could make to the subject to make it more appealing to female students.”

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