Promoting Successful Transitions between the Prep and Upper Schools


Peter Whitmell is Head of Year 5 at The Perse Prep School.  The transition from the Prep School to the Upper School is a big step for pupils and Peter wanted to look more closely at the latest research in this field.  As a 3-18 school, any improvements that we can make to the transitions between our schools would be a great benefit.

“I propose to research the impact of a range of factors which affect children’s academic and social transition to The Upper and consider opportunities to enhance the school’s transition provision.  Similar research, carried out by the Institute of Education in 2008, provides an overview of Year 6-7 transition on a national level and forms the starting point for my research.  My research will focus more closely on factors that are particular to The Perse, encompassing academic progress as well as social and extra-curricular integration into life at the Upper School.”

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